Jonathan’s songs reflect the humor, absurdity and beauty of being human.

” I try to make sense of life in my songwriting – it’s like free therapy. The Muse is my therapist.”

Jonathan’s always loved to tell stories, coming to songwriting from a background as an aspiring writer-actor-director who dropped out of film school, picked up a guitar and taught himself how to write songs; “mini-movies”, as it were.  In a sense, he hacked music – and then music hacked him back – infiltrating his dreams and taking his life in unanticipated directions.

At the heart of it all,  Jonathan’s goal has been to embrace the paradox of life as a “spiritual being having a human experience”;  to live honestly and authentically, and connect lovingly and meaningfully, in a seemingly meaningless and inauthentic world.  all the while embracing one’s own darkness and humanity while striving for the light.

“The only way through it is through it. There’s no transcending the human experience in all it’s beauty and all it’s messiness. But writing, dancing and singing about it helps me get through it.”

His music expresses an essential  yearning for freedom, a connection with something larger than oneself, and a desire to live in that truth. It’s ever- evolving, moving concentrically outwards from the guy alone in his room with a guitar to a celebration of life and dance, in full Technicolor,  spanning across the globe.

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